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Protecting the President
An Inside Account of the Troubled Secret Service in an Era of Evolving Threats
BINDING: Hardcover, 240 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-944229-86-3
PUBLICATION DATE: September 19, 2017
PRICE: $24.95

Being a Secret Service agent is one of the most treacherous jobs in the world and never more so than in today’s highly polarized America. Facing threats from fence jumpers and manifesto writers, and from fanatical terrorists and sophisticated spies, protecting the president is harder than ever. In an age of hyper-partisan politics, emotions are high and crazies are a dime a dozen. On top of that, with international tensions reaching a boiling point, it’s harder than ever to determine friend from foe.


Yet the President of the United States is in very real danger if the Secret Service doesn’t change course soon and evolve with the rapidly changing threat environment. Highly motivated “bad guys” are already working on technologically advanced methodologies and are constantly striving to formulate the logistics of an attack on the White House. Eventually terrorist planners will find a way to acquire the technology, weapons, explosives, and know-how to make an attempt on the life of the President. The only question is “What are we going to do about it?”


Protecting the President provides not only a rare insider glimpse of what the Secret Service does, but explores the challenges facing the agents today. Chock-full of relevant stories of protecting past presidents, veteran agent Dan Bongino explains how the agency can best protect the president today. This book covers how the Secret Service should


  • plan for a tactical assault by a terrorist attack team
  • prepare to respond to a severe medical emergency
  • train to handle a chemical or biological weapon attack
  • prepare for an attack using explosives, and
  • plan for 9-11 style attacks from the air and fire threats
  • and much more


At a time when our security and intelligence apparatuses are in a shambles, this book stand our for its clarity, simplicity and solutions.  There is no book more timely and important. Bongino’s “Big Six” should be mandatory training for all our law enforcement and intelligent agents as well as school principals and concerned citizens.

—Pat Brady, MG (Ret) Medal of Honor Recipient, author of Dead Men Flying

* * *

From the streets of New York to the Oval Office Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino serves his country yet again by taking the reader into a world rarely seen and forces us to demand an answer to an alarming question-can the bureaucratic morass and political gamesmanship be put aside in time to ensure the safety of our most precious office-The Presidency of The United States?

—Benjamin Collins, former US Army Special Forces officer and entrepreneur

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