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Outlasting the Gay Revolution
Where Homosexual Activism Is Really Going and How to Turn the Tide
BINDING: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-938067-66-2
PUBLICATION DATE: September 10, 2015
PRICE: 26.95

The Houston mayor tried to subpoena sermons against homosexuality. The Mozilla CEO was fired for supporting a bill to uphold traditional marriage. HGTV canceled a new home-improvement show because of the Bible-based views of the show’s stars. From redefining marriage to dominating the culture, it appears that there is no stopping the gay activist agenda, but Dr. Brown boldly proclaims that the gay revolution is already a failure, containing within itself the seeds of self-destruction.

In Outlasting the Gay Revolution, Dr. Brown clearly spells out eight principles to help Americans with conservative moral values outlast the gay revolution: never compromise your convictions, take the high moral ground, cherish sexual purity, defend natural marriage, celebrate gender distinctions, propagate the truth, turn to God, and refuse to throw in the towel.

Dr. Brown’s words will fill every reader with fresh hope and courage, and while it looks like American society will never be the same again, that is not the end of the story. Gay activists will continue to overplay their hand, and most Americans will reject the tactics of these new bullies as our freedoms of religion, speech, and conscience come under increasing attack.

A society based on sexual anarchy, the deconstruction of gender, and the redefinition of marriage cannot survive and thrive. Regardless of what the courts might say (including the Supreme Court), the cultural battle is far from over. The rising attack on our freedoms has only awakened a sleeping giant, in which case the battle has barely begun.



In this remarkable book, Dr. Michael Brown reports on the“culture wars” with lucid, graphic clarity. He rigorously documents the complex issues driving the conflict. And more importantly, he calls Christians to hope and perseverance, and persuasively argues against caving in to pessimism. As Dr. Brown reminds us, the tired and tiresome appeal to “the right side of history” proves nothing. Rather, the question to ask is whether one is on the right side of God’s truth. In sum, this is an invaluable resource to understand these critical issues, and shows how God intervenes, and prevails, in the affairs of men.

—Gary McCaleb
Chief Solicitor, Executive Vice President of Strategy Implementation, Alliance Defending Freedom

* * *

Outlating the Gay Revolution is a clarion call for positive change in order to understand the radical left’s efforts to remake society which, like other false dogmas that have fallen into the waste baskets of history, are ultimately doomed because those who truly believe in G-d’s commandments and work to achieve His plan on earth shall succeed.

—Arthur Goldberg and Elaine Silodor Berk, Co-Directors of JONAH

* * *

The Apostle Paul said we are to speak the truth in love. When it comes to the divisive issue of the homosexual agenda, Dr. Michael Brown exemplifies Paul’s exhortation. He points out that we should deal with the individuals with compassion while opposing the agenda with courage. Outlasting the Gay Revolution candidly addresses this burning issue of our time and gives positive steps on how to deal with it.

Jerry Newcombe, D.Min., cohost, senior producer, Kennedy Classics, author/co-author of 25 books

* * *

In his new book Outlasting the Gay Revolution,Dr. Brown demonstrates how to lovingly oppose the homosexual agenda with reason and timeless truth. He thoughtfully exposes the folly of extending special status and special rights to the LGBT movement at the expense of the rest of our legitimate constitutional rights to religious liberty and true justice for all.  It is a must read for everyone who wants to stand on the right side of Eternity with respect to one of the most defining issues of our time.

—Patrick Mangan, Citizens for Community Values of Indiana

* * *

Dr. Brown provides one of the most powerful, persuasive, and prophetic Christian voices worldwide. In Outlasting the Gay Revolution, Dr. Brown offers the perfect balance of Christ’s truth with His unending love. Dr. Brown fearlessly confronts, head on, the most pressing cultural issues of today with a fearless approach that leaves those in rebellion against God no wiggle room to rationalize. We are left understanding evil as evil and good as good.

—Matt Barber, assoc. dean and law professor, Liberty University School of Law

* * *

Dr. Michael Brown’s upcoming book Outlasting The Gay Revolution: Where Homosexual Activism Is Really Going and How to Turn the Tide is a well-researched, much-needed, and timely book that exposes the real intentions of today’s homosexual movement—to take away the religious freedoms of Christians. . . . We must each step forward and never, never give up or bow to the homosexual agenda. Silence from Bible-believing Christians is what they want and that is something we must not be willing to give them. God expects more from us!

—Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania

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