Thursday 18th July 2019
An Insider's Look at the Trump Victory
AUTHOR: Theodore Roosevelt Malloch, Afterword by Nigel Farage
BINDING: paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-942475-47-7
PUBLICATION DATE: January 13, 2017
DIMENSIONS: 5.5 x 8.25
PRICE: $14.95

Donald Trump’s victory is a movement against the establishment and in Hired that movement is best explained.


“Just as Brexiteers mobilized a people’s army, so too has Mr. Trump mobilized the people in the United States. Brexit is a story of a grassroots campaign, of putting on one’s walking boots on, delivering leaflets, and going out to meet people in their communities. The same way that Donald J. Trump mobilized people in the United States” (from the Afterword by Nigel Farage).


On the night of November 8, for hours millions of Democrats stood with their mouth gaping or openly weeping. In the days to follow, the questions on all their minds were How did he do it? Why did it happen?


Hired, answers these questions and more as it makes the case for Donald J. Trump through a collection of astute articles by former Oxford professor and senior US government appointee. In more than thirty profound pieces, Dr. Theodore Roosevelt Malloch explainsthe case for Trump, Trump’s worldview, why his opponents failed, the context for his victory, and Trump’s policies.


Trump heard the will of the people and identified with them. As the twenty-first century Theodore Roosevelt, Trump is a strong and authentic leader who will fix America, defend America, and make it great again.



“I worked with Ted Malloch from the very start, and if anyone can give an honest inside account of what happened during the course of the election cycle, it would be Ted.  Straight-shooting, just like the next President of the United States, Ted’s perspective from being “Off shore” provides great perspective in analyzing what happened to get America headed back to greatness.”

—Sam Clovis, National Co-Chair and Chief Policy Advisor Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.


* * *


“With his characteristic wit and take-no-prisoners style, Ted Malloch gives us the story of the 2016 election that the mainstream media all missed. Have fun!”

—F.H. Buckley, author of The Way Back: Restoring the Promise of America


* * *


“Ted Malloch rode the inside track all the way to help Donald Trump achieve the ‘presidency.’ A descendent of President Theodore Roosevelt, Malloch helped set key themes for the Trump campaign and served as one of Trump’s most stalwart supporters from the first days of Trump’s candidacy.”

—Jerome R. Corsi, PhD, senior staff writer WND


* * *



“Ted Malloch was the first writer to see and to understand Trump as the non-ideological, pragmatic, populist.  Malloch makes clear why the America first spirit carried the day.  Bravo!”

—Nick Capaldi, Scholars and Writers for Trump



* * *


“All the way from Oxford Malloch saw what was coming—Brexit and Trumpism. This book tells the whole saga.”

—Dr. Danilo Petranovich, Director Abigail Adams Institute Harvard University


* * *


“An insider’s guide to the greatest political achievement in American history. A must read.”

—H. Skip Weitzen, author Hypergrowth


* * *


“Malloch is a first person witness to the common sense conservatism that makes President Trump who he is and that will define his Administration. Read this book by a first class observer and and part of his team.”
—Robert Schuettinger, president the Washington International Studies Council and the Oxford Study Abroad Programme


* * *


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