Thursday 18th July 2019
Einstein, God, and the Bible
AUTHOR: Ray Comfort
BINDING: hardcover, 304 pages
ISBN-13: 9781936488179
DIMENSIONS: 5.40 x 7.80
PRICE: $22.95

Was Albert Einstein an atheist? Many celebrity atheist websites claim Einstein as their own, but what did the genius scientist really believe?  In Einstein, God, and the Bible, international evangelist and best-selling author Ray Comfort explores the mysterious life of this great scientist. He uncovers information about Einstein’s home life, his rapid rise to superstardom in the science community, and the tension in his struggle to understand God and the universe. How did a German Jew rise almost overnight to international iconic status, at a time when the Western World considered every German to be the enemy? Why do so many atheists claim him as one of their own? What did Albert Einstein actually believe about God and the Bible? In Einstein, God, and the Bible Comfort puts to rest once and for all the questions about Einstein’s beliefs and presents a strong case in Einstein’s own words for the existence of God.

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