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Davos, Aspen, and Yale
My Life Behind the Elite Curtain as a Global Sherpa
BINDING: Hardcover
ISBN-13: 978-1-944229-04-7
PUBLICATION DATE: January 19, 2016
PRICE: 26.95

A former Yale professor and senior business executive whose contact list includes the most powerful leaders in business, media and politics, Ted Malloch has seen it all, done it all, and now is telling all. From his appointment as sergeant in the Toilet Patrol (reserved for children deemed “gifted”) to his appointment as scholar-diplomat by the US State Department to a peek behind the curiosity curtain at the Davos meeting to how he lost millions in the dot-com bubble to his one-person seminar for the chairman of Toyota, it’s all here. With names.

In Davos, Aspen, and Yale, Malloch presents a humorous and witty take on his life experiences in this unique and riotous account. Masterfully woven throughout the stories are insights on his driving passion: enterprise, organization, dedication, skill, teamwork, diligence, and planning. The virtues that drive an uncommon life are illustrated throughout–as are stories of those who have abandoned those virtues. He’s not afraid to name names; many well-known leaders play parts in this can’t-put-down-and-get-back-to-work “WASPY” tale. Malloch demonstrates how his Christian faith and spiritual capital have motivated and guided his purpose and higher calling.



“Perhaps no one outside of a US President and his innermost circle, has been in more places of power, with more influence, than Dr. Ted Malloch. Following how he got there and what he did provides a unique view of how the worlds of politics, economics and finance really work or don’t.”

—Paul J. Zak, author of The Moral MoleculePsychology Today

* * *

“This is the true tale of a real ‘happy warrior’ in body, mind, and spirit.”

—Alfred S. Regnery, Chairman, Intercollegiate Studies institute

* * *

“Sir Ted is too young to be writing his memoirs . . . but that is forgivable as he is so good a storyteller: prepare to be astonished, educated and amused.”

—Prabhu Gupatra, Editor, The Global Indian

* * *

“To paraphrase G.K. Chesterton, Ted Malloch’s new memoir is like a thick steak, a bottle of vintage wine, and a really good cigar. By accident—or perhaps by Providence—Ted has been a witness to history as it happened in the boardrooms and corridors of power around the world since the early 1980s. To be more precise, he was usually a participant rather than a bystander, and he has important lessons and wisdom to impart. Big-hearted, he (mostly) treats the foibles of the great and good with compassion and humor, and also knows when to laugh at himself. Pour yourself something fortifying, curl up in a large leather club chair, and take the journey of a lifetime with Ted from Davos to Aspen and beyond.”

—Stephen Klimczuk, Trustee, Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project

* * *

“Laird Malloch is my kind of life tour guide. Recounting decades of his exotic experiences, his bold and irreverent storytelling plunges us into vastly different worlds, making us laugh, wince, and simply marvel at the highs and lows of postmodern global elites.”

—Prof. Danilo Petranovich, Yale University

* * *

“This is the ultimate WASP coming of age saga by the world’s best spreader of bull. Read it and laugh out loud! This book is fabulous. Not since Korda’s Power and How to Get It has a book so accurately described how to live a productive life!”

—F. Skip Weitzen, author of Hypergrowth

* * *

“Like the proverbial Chinese fire drill, Ted Malloch has done just about everything, changing positions while teaching us how to find true happiness and prosperity.

—Fenggang Yang, Director, Center on Religion and Chinese Society, Purdue University

* * *

“There may well come a day when a new-and-improved obsession with equality will grind down the very last of the better things. In the meantime, Malloch’s hilarious memoir will serve as a map of the true landscape of unequal men and their unequal things. And perhaps some future ‘equalitarian’ will, upon reading it, suddenly remember the great truth: that things and men can be divided between better or worse, between good or evil—and that, for the sake of their sanity, men would do well to rank things as their ancestors once did.”

—Kenneth Bickford, board member, Ethics & Public Policy Center

* * *

“My very dear friend, Ted Malloch has, as the saying goes, been everywhere and met everyone, and “Davos, Aspen and the King of Morocco’s Golf Course” tells us about them in staggering graphic detail—in truly rollicking fashion.”

—Paul Marshall, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

* * *

“An honest life, honestly told! One of the many things that has always impressed me about Ted Malloch is his integrity. It’s tough to convey this in pithy fashion but he accomplishes it in this amazing life story.”

—Nicholas Capaldi, Loyola University, School of Business

* * *

“Don’t be fooled by this light-hearted memoir. While humorous, its pages reveal an indefatigable Renaissance man who, like his namesake, is actually in the arena in every way imaginable. Moreover, we not only meet a Malloch who strives valiantly, who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and who spends himself in a worthy cause but we also find inspiration in a life that embodies the triumph of high achievement.”

—Robert W. Patterson, columnist, The Philadelphia Inquirer

* * *

“This book is full of it—humor, wisdom, pomposity and humility—all in equal doses. A must read!”

—Prasad Kaippa, Author of Smart to Wise

* * *

“Ted Malloch—bon vivant, scholar, diplomat, businessman, sportsman—has been, roughly speaking, everywhere and met, roughly speaking, everyone, and in this rich memoir he brings us along on some of his greatest adventures.”

—Linda Bridges, Editor-at-Large, National Review

* * *

“Movie star good looks, an acerbic wit, and a giant intellect . . . Ted Malloch’s memoirs are a fascinating, and at times disturbing, glimpse into the oft-transecting worlds of academia, corporate finance and realpolitik. This modern day “global Sherpa” (sobriquet courtesy of Lady Thatcher) is humorous, disparaging and approving in equal measure as the author critically recalls the motives, actions and consequences of his generation’s “great and (sometimes not so) good”. While Professor Malloch captures the zeitgeist of post-modernity, he reminds his readers that virtuous cultures require more than just great leaders—they need a soul—and he isn’t afraid to suggest where they should start searching for it.”

—Dr. Kenneth J. Barnes, FRSA, Dean, Ridley School, Melbourne, Australia

* * *

Bully! When shot in the chest preparing to make a campaign speech as Bull Moose candidate for President, the author’s ancestor, Teddy Roosevelt, shouted, “It’ll take more than that to kill a bull moose!” then proceeded to read his bullet-punctured speech while blood oozed an expanding red patch on his shirt. The luckily well-positioned metal cigar box and thick folded-up speech in Teddy’s jacket pocket proved the health value of cigars and bullets-be-damned rhetoric, in which context this memoir will fit-in perfectly…

—Charles L. Harper, Jr. former senior executive, Templeton Foundation

* * *

“Ted Malloch’s wonderful memoir is a splendidly written chronicle of a unique and unforgettable American life, as writer, intellectual, philosopher, teacher, diplomat, sportsman, bonvivant and boulevardier: truly a man for all seasons. A rollicking good read.”

—Joseph F. Johnston, Jr., board member, Liberty Fund 

* * *

“Theodore Roosevelt (Ted) Malloch” is witty, poignant and insightful. His lectures, writings and relations pull back the curtain on truth in a most winsome, delightful way.”

—Ted [email protected]

* * *

“Finally a witty, honest, insightful, and unapologetic account of a successful WASP life. Ted Malloch shares his life, opinions, and cultural pride in a refreshing tone that may be politically incorrect but which will delight those who enjoy authenticity.”

—Magette Wade, CEO, Tiossan

* * *

“Wonderful! Ted is not just global he is intergalactic. I think the wit and verve he brings to this story will be a welcome addition to the publisher’s list. The only question I have is: So who will play Ted and Beth in the film version?

—Isabella Bunn, Regents Park College, University of Oxford

* * *

“This book is a MUST read for anyone interested in a Big Tent Conservatism!”

—Mallory Factor, Contributor, FOX News

* * *

“Malloch is a much better than average golfer but his memoir is like an eagle on a par 4! Read it and laugh and cry at the same time. Tsar or Star, Moll or Pol, Whigged or Bewigged—our boy Malloch keeps them hopping (and that ain’t no photo-shopping).”

—Daniel Tessler, Managing Partner, a leading Gold Fund



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