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Billionaire Cab Driver
Lessons for a Wise and Secure Life
BINDING: paperback
ISBN-13: 978-1-944229-68-9
PUBLICATION DATE: April 18, 2017
DIMENSIONS: 5.5 x 8.25
PRICE: $21.95

Billionaire Cab Driver is an easy-to-read financial primer that reveals all of the secrets of personal financial planning that should have been taught to everyone in school.


So how did a cab driver from the small Polynesian Island of Kiki Loa become worth over $20 billion?


That is what Dan Langston, and hundreds of other reporters, all wanted to know! Fortunately for Mr. Langston (and you), he won the rights from Mr. Kane to report his remarkable life story . . . and  Billionaire Cab Driver is the result.


In this fantastic story ancient wisdom meets modern-day techniques. Billionaire cab driver Mr. Kane drives reporter Mr. Langston around the island for a full day as he explains the secrets to building personal financial independence using examples already present in nature. By the day’s conclusion, the cab driver has revealed all of the major financial principles necessary for building a personal financial plan that ensures financial success, including:

  • Don’t rely on what you think you know as the whole truth; stay open to other possibilities.
  • Realize that profits are made on most investments when you buy them, not when you sell.
  • Never rely on a broker as an advisor.
  • Money won’t buy happiness if you are not already happy.
  • The rule of 72 – used to determine the amount of time for an investment to double in value.
  • Time management is essential for your success.
  • The value of using justified debt to profit from other people’s money.

Designed to create a paradigm shift in the way people think about and relate to money and the ability to use it in a way to achieve their financial dreams, Billionaire Cab Driver is organized in a captivating parable format that makes understanding how to become financially independent simple. Your knowledge of money will grow a layer at a time, so by the end of the book, everything will fit together into a strong, new foundation of knowledge of how to take charge of your financial future.


Billionaire Cab Driver is an excellent read and makes the often confusing topic of financial investing easily understood, even to those without any previous financial investing experience. Following the steps of Mr. Langston as he interviews Akamai Kane while he explains his simple rules of happiness and financial success is both entertaining and enlightening. Finally, the author’s explanation of the value of current dollars versus future dollars and actual inflation was simple, concise, and elegantly stated. I  recommend that anyone with an interest in providing for their future financial security should read a copy of Billionaire Cab Driver.”

— Sanford E. Warren, Jr., Partner at Warren Rhoades LLP

 * * *


“In this clever book, a cab driver takes the reader on a ride through the financial world, navigating the ups and downs of investing in today’s complicated market.  Along the journey, the cab driver reveals himself and his life lessons, sharing clear financial advice.  This guy deserves a huge tip. Billionaire Cab Driver is a tale for investors of all ages and experience levels, ideal for those who want to protect and grow their financial assets. I’m hailing this cab driver and rereading the book.”

—Jeff Abrams, attorney and mediator

* * *


“When a cab driver on a small remote island turns out to be a billionaire, you can’t imagine the life lessons that are conveyed to a writer sent to capture this story: amazing, informative, educational, and life lessons we should all follow. Jody Tallal’s book is truly inspiring.”

—Tom Eifler, Jr.  President, Eifler Advisory Group


* * *


Billionaire Cab Driver is replete with insights into the merits of clearly defined financial goals and how executing well-defined plans can achieve them. Jody Tallal is a diamond-hard writer, creating a diamond-clear path for readers to develop plans to maximize the value of their current earnings in a fresh and reportorial manner. Strategies that compound returns by incorporating savings strategies into financial plans is absolutely brilliant and overlooked by most experts. The examples used throughout the book demonstrate the dynamic nature of planning and importance of recognizing the economic and operational environment of each investment within a portfolio.”

—James J. Fridl, President Cross Marketing, Inc.


* * *


“Billionaire Cab Driver is a fun unique journey of Dan, a newspaper staff writer mentored by a successful Polynesian on the keys to financial success plus what’s important in life. Dan’s mission was to get the interview yet what he received was beyond all expectations. Take your own journey with the cab driver and learn the steps for exceeding your financial goals and how to enjoy life. I’ve personally reevaluated how I look at my finances as well as at life.

—Michael Davis, President Capital Distributing, Inc.


* * *


“By composing an interesting story and cleverly incorporating sophisticated  financial concepts in a very readable narrative, Mr. Tallal has created a delightful and very informative experience. Presenting a readily understandable tale containing the concepts of future value of debt, income, assets and the effects of inflation, the work is both very readable and thought provoking.  Further, he has added some specific recommendations and sources to pursue to become your own Billionaire Cab Driver.  I strongly recommend  this book.

—Patrick W. Peavy, M.D., Executive Vice President O’Brien Energy Company


* * *


“The author came up with a clever way to tackle the topic of financial planning and wealth building. Having been forced to start over myself at thirty-eight years old and building a successful business over the last quarter century, I found Billionaire Cab Driver to be an insightful read and right on the money to creating and then enjoying a meaningful life. It should be required reading in colleges, business schools and by anyone of any means aspiring to break the mold of living paycheck to paycheck.”

—Joel Ray, CEO New Benefits


* * *


After reading Memoirs of a Millionaire Cab Driver, I was struck with the realization that what I have thought about investing, wealth development and protection has been completely wrong.  As a successful surgeon, I have prided myself on the knowledge of my profession but realize after the teachings of “a simple cab driver”, that a different expertise is needed for investing.  Many of us think—“I am smart enough to do this on my own” or “there is no way I make enough to save and invest”.  Learning to apply the Rule of 72 and the 80/20 Rule can help you throw conventional money management theorems into the waste bin and move forward on a journey to increased wealth and self-sufficiency.  I challenge you- no I dare you- to read this short, simple book.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

—Jeffrey Whitman, M.D., President and Chief Surgeon, Key-Whitman Eye Center


* * *


A creative approach for investment planning and strategies. “The golden rule of investing reminds readers that careful research should be the highest priority for both novice and seasoned investors. An impressive educational storyline that is entertaining, informative and motivational.

—Miles Woodall, III, CEO Vent-A-Hood, Ltd


* * *


It was with pleasure that I read Billionaire Cab Driver by Jody Tallal.  This is a book that explains the core principals of how to accumulate wealth.  However, unlike most books that seek to impart this data, Mr. Tallal’s book does it in very logical and easy to understand steps.  When you finish the book, you will see that you can implement the data and improve your financial future.

—Steve Hayes, Chairman Americans For Fair Taxation


* * *


With 95 percent of Americans failing to provide adequately for their retirement, we all need this book. Through the interesting story of cab driver, a blueprint for financial success is laid out for the reader. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to jumpstart their financial planning program.

—Lisa Roberts, President Millennium Management Group, LLC


* * *


The Billionaire Cab Driver is an entertaining and quick read exposing the myth that there are no secretes to wealth accumulation. Rather it chronicles a series of tales around a series of disciplined strategies that anyone can embrace in their quest of financial success.

—Bill Hidell, Principal, Hidell and Associates Architects

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