Monday 2nd March 2015

Tsunamis, earthquakes, world wars, nuclear disasters, and upheaval in the Middle East – could it be we are living in the final trumpet days of Revelation?

Whether one is a believer or not, the Bible provides many clues about the future of us all. In Final Warning beloved pastor and best-selling author Carl Gallups explores the stunning visions of the Apostle John as found in the seven trumpets of Revelation and overlays them on major events in the 20th and 21st centuries.

How do the two world wars line up with John the Revelator’s visions? Could it really be that the Chernobyl meltdown was foretold in the …more

What the Bible Really Says about Israel in the Plan of God

In the past thirty years, the trend among American evangelical’s view of Israel has shifted dramatically. There is a sudden rise of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic sentiment among Christians today. At gatherings such as the pro-Palestinian Christ at the Checkpoint conference in Bethlehem to the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions movement on university campuses around the world, a new generation of Christians are not only turning away from traditional support for Israel, but from the very belief that there yet remains any ongoing calling and election upon the Jewish people. As this portentous shift is seen on a growing number of evangelical seminaries, …more

Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare

If we experience the kind of economic collapse experienced by Argentina and Russia in the last decade, Zimbabwe or the Weimar Republic before that, where will we get medical supplies and expertise? I began thinking of my father’s small-town practice and how self-sufficient he was. I thought about my Navy training and experience and the difficulties of rendering emergency medical care in isolated places with minimal supplies and no trained medical specialists for assistance. From that consideration, I have planned for my own and my family’s medical security. This book will help you do the same. The goal of this book is to help you to:
1. Recognize the signs of the impending collapse of the medical system.
2. Prepare yourself and others to be as healthy as possible.
3. Be more self-sufficient when medical issues do arise.
4. Learn to navigate the difficult world of health insurance when finding a physician.
5. Create a medical stockpile for times when supplies are not available.

Abortion is a gruesome and ugly business. Public opinion is moving in the direction of fewer and safer abortions.

In Abortion Free, Newman and Sullenger, founders of the prolife group Operation Rescue, share their more than fifty years combined experience in shuttering dirty, life-threatening clinics, including the story of how they peacefully shut down the clinic of Kansas’s notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller. In this practical manual you will learn how to (1) find out who the abortion doctors are in your community and if they have a record or are even licensed in your state, (2) get clinic workers to …more

The American family used to be the fundamental institution of our stable, liberty-loving, and very successful society. It is the essential building block of a free society with limited government. In the last hundred years, the American family has been attacked, debased, maligned, slandered, and vilified by every facet of society.

Who Killed the American Family explains how changes in the law, in court decisions, in the culture, in education, and in entertainment have eroded the once-precious institution. Any one of these factors would not have been enough to impact our families, but together they added up to a mighty force.

Veteran …more

Female powerhouses and original PolitiChicks Anne-Marie Murrell, Morgan Brittany, and Gina Loudon sound the clarion call for conservative women across America to reclaim the power of the grassroots activist by fundamentally transforming their lives and work in bold ways.

Women can be warriors without burning bras. Women can be strong without emasculating their husbands and sons. Women can be mothers without coddling or compromise. Most importantly, women can live out their faith without imposed compromise of her convictions.

What Women Really Want reveals the political conversions these three beautiful and passionate conservative dynamos. It explains the bad and the ugly of party …more

What the White House and Hillary Don’t Want You to Know

Bigger than Watergate! Bigger than Iran-Contra! “Ten times bigger” than both, said one congressman. The Bengahzi scandal may have been covered up by the White House, but the truth is about to come out.

The Real Benghazi Story is a ground-breaking investigative work that finally exposes some of the most significant issues related to the murderous September 11, 2012, attack—information with current national security implications.

Investigative journalist and New York Times best-selling author Aaron Klein provides the answers many have longed for from the secretive activities transpiring inside the doomed facility to shocking new details about the withholding of critical protection …more

What I Wish I Knew When My Children Were Young

Originally published in 1996, Child Training Tips by Reb Bradley is a classic parenting book that has withstood the test of time and is based on timeless principles: consistency, patience, and building lasting relationships with your children and is as crucial for today’s parents as ever.
Child Training Tips is not just another interpretation on how to train a child. This updated edition of the original classic is a diagnostic tool comprised of bulleted symptom lists to help parents quickly diagnose their children’s behavior issues and prescribe optimum solutions. It is an absolutely invaluable tool for helping parents identify their blind …more

Taking on the Party Bosses and Media Elite to Protect Our Faith and Freedom

In Firing Back, six-term Congressman Todd Akin describes in eye-opening detail what it is like to be an unapologetic conservative in a town dominated by media bullies, backroom bosses, and liberals of either party.
Although he tried to be a loyal Republican, Akin’s first allegiance was always to the Constitution and his conservative principles. When the Bush administration lobbied him to approve its progressive legislative initiatives, No Child Left Behind and the Medicare prescription drug benefit, Akin refused. In the process, he made some serious enemies. Those enemies got their revenge after Akin made an awkward comment about rape.
In Firing Back, …more

Stories of Growing Up, Meeting Famous People, and Annoying the Hell Out of Them

Nixon stood at the microphone and folded his hands in front of him; he moved them rarely from that position during his forty-five-minute speech. He spoke without notes on world affairs, traversing the globe mentally while discussing policy challenges that would confront the next president. . . .
Nixon’s impromptu speech showcased his great political and historical acumen. When he finished his talk and sat in his chair, a tremendous ovation filled the room. He stood and acknowledged the applause, and then answered written questions read to him by the emcee. Here he shined: during his formal speech, Nixon appeared somewhat rigid and tense; during the Q&A, Nixon smiled, looked relaxed, and handled each question deftly.
Although some queries touched on foreign policy, most focused on the upcoming election. Nixon felt the two presumptive nominees (Republican George Bush and Democrat Michael Dukakis) would run a close race, with Bush winning by a whisker. He refused to suggest who might be the strongest running mate for Bush, and named a list of the most oft-mentioned possibilities. Then, with a smile, Nixon pointed to the battery of television cameras in the rear of the ballroom: “To my friends in the media,” Nixon quipped, “if I forgot to mention someone, would you please list their names in your newspaper columns for me!” Even the reporters joined in the laughter.

How the World's Greatest "Turnaround" Nation Will Do It Again

When I travel to America now, speaking to groups across the country, I’m often asked, “What do you love about America?” And for a long time, a pithy answer was not possible. Until one day, it dawned on me.
I love America because it is confident, competitive, courageous, faithful, idealistic, innovative, inspirational, charitable, and optimistic. It is everything as a nation that I wish to be as a person.
And then there’s the other question I get: “What makes America exceptional?”
I’ll tell you; American exceptionalism is simple.
It’s individualism, not collectivism. Patriotism, not relativism. Optimism, not pessimism. Limited government, not nanny state. God, not government. Faith, not secularism. Life, not death. Equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

Was Albert Einstein an atheist? Many celebrity atheist websites claim Einstein as their own, but what did the genius scientist really believe?  In Einstein, God, and the Bible, international evangelist and best-selling author Ray Comfort explores the mysterious life of this great scientist. He uncovers information about Einstein’s home life, his rapid rise to superstardom in the science community, and the tension in his struggle to understand God and the universe. How did a German Jew rise almost overnight to international iconic status, at a time when the Western World considered every German to be the enemy? Why do so many atheists claim …more

How Orwell's Nightmare Is Becoming Our Reality

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” This was Solomon’s observation as the wisest of all kings. How does it apply here? Cheryl Chumley lays out clearly what is happening in this country now and the consequences are clear.

Though I do not believe there has ever been a country in the world’s history that has the individual liberties found in the United States today, there are other countries that went from individual liberties to being oppressed by increasingly totalitarian rulers. From the available information around us, Cheryl points out the usurpations of our freedoms which all sounds so very familiar to legitimate historians. . . . The coming signs of tyranny are all around us. Fortunately they can be stopped before it is too late if the American people will awaken.
—from the Foreword

A young Jewish Girl Discovers the Messiah’s Faithfulness in the Midst of the Holocaust

Anita Dittman was just a little girl when the winds of Nazism and Hitler’s coming Holocaust began to blow through Germany. Raised by her Jewish mother, she came to believe that Jesus was her Messiah at eight years old. By the time she was ten, the war had begun.

Trapped in Hitler’s Hell is the true account of Holocaust horror but also of God’s miraculous mercy on a young girl who spent her teenage years desperately fighting for survival yet learning to trust in the One she had come to love.

The Real Story

Noah and the ark makes it on everyone’s list of top ten favorite Bible stories—right up there with Jonah and the whale, and David and Goliath.

No biblical account has raised as many questions and has generated as much controversy as Noah and the ark. The story in the Bible is just the beginning!

* Was the massive ark seaworthy?

* Did the Flood cover the whole earth?

* Has the ark been found on Mount Ararat?

* Where can you see the ark today?

With Darren Aronofsky’s $130 million religious epic Noah coming out on March 28, a lot of people are going to be …more

The 100-Year War for the Soul of the GOP and How Conservatives Can Finally Win It

The time is ripe to change the current political landscape. Despite what the establishment media would like you to believe, Americans support conservative positions on the issues. Takeover provides them with the history, inspiration and practical steps necessary to succeed in taking over the GOP, electing a conservative President and establishing a conservative government in America by 2017.

Why a top-ranked Secret Service agent walked away from it all

Take the journey with Dan Bongino from the tough streets of New York City where he was raised, and later patrolled as a member of the NYPD, to the White House as a member of the elite Presidential Protective Division, through his ultimate decision to resign from the Secret Service – during the Obama Administration – in the prime of his career to run for the United States Senate against the feared Maryland Democratic machine.

The Story of Yitzhak Kaduri and His Prophecies of the Endtime

Mystical death-curses, visions of Messiah, an important world political figure under threat, religious leaders in shock, a cryptic Kabbalistic death note…THE STORY IS SHOCKING – THE STORY IS TRUE – THE STORY IS STILL UNFOLDING…

IN THE FALL OF 2005, a 108-year-old rabbi, the most venerated rabbinical Jewish leader in Israel, proclaimed that he knew the name of the real Messiah. He insisted that he knew where the Messiah was and when He was going to reveal Himself to the world. Rabbi Kaduri claimed that he had personally seen the Messiah in a vision.

The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It

Racial violence is back. Along with widespread racial crime — even riots. In hundreds of episodes in more than 80 cities since 2010, groups of black people are roaming the streets of America — assaulting, intimidating, stalking, threatening, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, even raping and killing. Cities big and small. Expected and unexpected. But local media and public officials are silent. Crime is color blind, says a Milwaukee police chief. Race is not important, a Chicago newspaper editor assures us. That denies the obvious: America is the most race conscious society in the world.

It was a race of certainty on both sides. Even on Election Day, Mitt Romney’s campaign advisers were convinced Romney would be elected president, while Barack Obama’s team was equally resolute: he would reclaim the White House.

How was the Republican Party so misguided? Where did the party go wrong?
Although the results were far from preordained, the carefully crafted strategy of the well-oiled and under-estimated Democratic Party machine left Romney’s team sitting in a heap of disastrous miscalculations and America with four more years of Obama at 1600 Pennsylvania. For conservatives nationwide, the outcome of the 2012 presidential election was a …more

And Make Peace with Marriage

It’s been forty years since the sexual revolution, and the women of America have everything they want. Everything, that is, except a husband. Women may be schooled in the art of sex, but they have failed in the art of love.

EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe

There have been warnings from scientists and other experts for years that the Nation’s electrical grid system and other critical infrastructures that have an almost complete dependency on electricity and electronic components are highly vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse event either from natural or man-made causes.

However, Congress and the administrations of previous and current presidents largely have ignored those warnings.

The Stories of FDR's Fala, Patton's Willie, and Ike's Telek

From a pit-bull who missed a last-minute, fatal RAF bombing run and found a home with a crusty American general (the marvelous Patton, whom Roosevelt called “Our greatest fighting general, and sheer joy”), to Ike’s devoted companion, Telek, the leaders of the Greatest Generation were provided with nearly critical, unquestioning companionship by a group of dogs that returned the affection.

Two Lives...Eight Hours

“Stunning … a wonderful read … a page-turner … a handbook for life.” Those words of advance praise from another celebrated author scarcely convey just how powerfully mesmerizing is the latest book by New York Times best-selling author and nationally syndicated radio talk show host Larry Elder.
To be released by WND Books Nov. 13, 2012, “Dear Father, Dear Son” is a personal memoir of Elder’s troubled – one might even say tortured – relationship with his father, and the astonishing outcome that develops when Elder, at long last, confronts him.
Says Elder: “A man’s relationship with his father – every boy, …more

Not too many people know that John Lennon met Paul McCartney while at a church function, or that John was a choirboy. Nor do they know that at the height of their fame in 1965, all four Beatles professed to be atheists. Yet in 1980, John had moved from proudly stating that they were more popular than Jesus, to humbly saying: “I’m a most religious fellow . . . I was brought up a Christian, and I only now understand some of the things that Christ was saying in those parables.” As a young man, George Harrison wrote, “I want …more

Victory in Viet Nam The Legend of Dust off: America's Battlefield Angels

“Dead Men Flying: Victory in Vietnam” is a challenging new view of America’s most divisive conflict.  General Patrick Brady winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor and the most decorated veteran in American history tells the story of Dust Off, the helicopter rescue operation that symbolized salvation for thousands of wounded warriors.  It’s the story of Charles Kelly, the father of Dust Off.  His dying words – “When I have your wounded” – set the standard for combat medicine to this day. It is also the story of the author, General Patrick Brady, who learned from Charles Kelly and struggled …more

A POW Wife's Story of the Battle Against a New Enemy

The plane was going down fast, out of control. Dark green jungle was rushing up to meet them. He ordered Kelly to punch out. He heard the thick Plexi-glass canopy above his head explode, and braced his body against the hard blast of wind surging into the cockpit as his navigator shot into space. He yanked on his own ejection seat lever and felt the hard jolt that meant he, too, had made it out of the flaming aircraft.
Relieved, he saw that he had a good chute. Floating slowly down through the hot humid air, he watched Kelly’s billowing parachute disappear into the tropical trees. He saw his A-6 hit the top of a mountain several miles away and explode into huge pillars of thick black smoke.
He landed in a tall banyan tree, his parachute snagged on a forked limb. Dangling in the air underneath the torn white nylon panels, he could see small figures heading for the foot of the mountain. He knew he had to scramble down and find a place to conceal himself, fast. Groping, he inched his way, hand over hand, up the twisting risers of this chute, trying to grab hold of the trunk of the swaying tree. Hanging on to the rough rope with one hand, he leaned his weight toward the tree trunk and felt the limb holding his parachute peel away. He fell, headlong, fifty feet or so, hitting the ground so hard he could hear the bones in his back crack.
He struggled to get his survival radio out of the zippered pocket of his olive-drab flight suit, hoping to make some kind of contact with Kelly.
“Kelly, do you read? Over.”
The black radio crackled with static, but Kelly didn’t answer. He tried again, and then again. Nothing.
Forty-five minutes went by before he heard the planes. Then he saw them, “friendlies.” They know where I am, he thought, relieved. I’ll be out of here by morning.
“I’m on the ground okay,” he said into his now-damp radio, willing one of the aircraft circling overhead to hear him.
“Roger, Red. See you in the morning.”
The raspy voice was familiar. Nick Carpenter, from his own squadron.
It would be a long night. No sensation in his feet and legs, he began to drag himself around on his belly, trying to find Kelly. He told himself it was useless, that Kelly had landed on the opposite side of the mountain. But he knew he had to keep looking. Finally, exhausted, he made a halfhearted attempt to sleep, one ear listening through the darkness, straining to decipher the strange jungle noises. He could hear the distant thrashing sound that had to be machetes, hacking away at the tangled vines.
At dawn, he heard muffled voices coming up the side of the mountain. He was sure they were enemy soldiers, making their way to his hiding place. He searched the empty sky for the rescue planes, the helicopters from Thailand, the Jolly Greens. They’re usually pretty reliable, he said to himself. Where are they this morning?
The sun was almost directly overhead when the strange-looking little militiamen burst through the dense green underbrush, AK-47s at the ready. They chattered excitedly about their prize, a downed American pilot, an American “war criminal.”
While one of the militiamen trained an AK-47 on him, another one clumsily fashioned a blindfold from a piece of brown ragged burlap, and the tallest of the four men tied it roughly and firmly around his throbbing head, obscuring his vision. He struggled to get to his feet, but two of the soldiers grabbed him and held him while the third one bound his feet with heavy hemp rope, which cut into the flesh just above the ankles. They drew his hands up behind his shoulders until he thought his arms would leave their sockets and then pulled the rough ropes taut, leaving his hands dangling just below his shoulder blades. They dragged his aching body through the underbrush and threw him into the back of a rusty, dilapidated truck. An overpowering smell of gasoline made him nauseous and he thought he was going to pass out.
He was probably on his way to the infamous Hoa Lo Prison in Hanoi, which he guessed would be about fifty miles away. Pilots had dubbed the old French prison that already held many of their fellow aviators the “Hanoi Hilton.”

Available for purchase at the WND Superstore

Obama's Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed

In Fool Me Twice, investigative journalists and New York Times bestselling authors Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott reveal the detailed blueprints for President Obama’s second term in office. Just as Obama concealed the true plans for his initial term behind rhetoric of ending partisan differences and cutting the Federal deficit, Obama’s re-election theme of creating jobs conceals more than it reveals about his real agenda for a second term – the “progressive” program to complete the fundamental transformation of America during the next four years. This book is filled with stunning revelations, including second-term plans for a “New Deal”-style overhaul of the economy replete with the creation of a National Infrastructure Development Bank to oversee government control of the financial system; a massive, government-run jobs program to coincide with “paycheck fairness”; full amnesty for illegal aliens; de-funding of the U.S. military while channeling Pentagon money to “clean” energy initiatives; a new, multi-billion dollar “green” stimulus; and implementing Obamacare in measures nearly impossible to reverse. And that is just the start.

The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist

“I am firmly convinced that Islam is the single greatest challenge that the Church will face before the return of Jesus, yet most are still either asleep or in denial.” Mideast Beast completes and establishes the revolutionary argument introduced in Joel Richardson’s New York Times Bestselling Islamic Antichrist, namely that the Antichrist will be a Muslim, whose empire will arise out of the Middle East. Whereas most students of the Bible have long held that some form of humanism or universalist religion would catapult the Antichrist to world power, Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist systematically proves from that the long awaited system of the Antichrist is even now before us and knocking at our door. Through a highly scholarly, theologically grounded, yet simple presentation, Richardson thoroughly corrects the objections of critics, establishing beyond a doubt, the Biblical case for an Islamic Antichrist. With large segments of the Christian missionary movement embracing a heretical method of outreach to Muslims, Mideast Beast cuts to the core of the matter, revealing the true nature and origins of Islam. After finishing Richardson’s work, you too will be convinced concerning the challenge of Islam to the Church.

An Odyssey of Unlikely Detours

After reading Cocktails with Molotov, you’ll wonder if there’s anything Barry Farber hasn’t done, if there’s anywhere he hasn’t been. From a young age, Farber had a knack for being in the right place at the right time. In Cocktails with Molotov, Barry Farber’s collection of real life short stories, you’ll read of his encounters with Alfred Hitchcock, the King of Albania, and Buzz Aldrin; of his knowledge of 26 foreign languages and how foreign language came through for him in the knick of time. He shares tales from his childhood in North Carolina and his time spent venturing abroad, from his life as a young reporter and as a seasoned journalist, along with astounding narratives of everything in between. A lifelong seeker of adventures and excitement, Barry Farber’s lighthearted and humorous storytelling will keep you occupied for hours; you won’t be able to put down the book until you’re finished; each story is as compelling and informative as the one before it. Get prepared to meet a man who has lived a full life.

Effectively Defending the Christian Faith

In The Magic Man in the Sky, Carl Gallups has given us an exciting insight into the many unanswered questions of evolution theory and, based on biblical truths – both prophecies and promises, the possibilities of other worlds and realities denied by evolutionists. With his open and frank approach, supported by extensive research and information from learned professionals in their respective fields, Carl challenges believers and unbelievers to take a serious look at the subjects discussed in this book. Ultimately, Carl invites every reader to seriously consider the gravity and consequences of accepting or rejecting the truth presented. In this hour of all-but-universal darkness, a bright ray of hope and confidence shines forth from the truths of this book. In a time when lives are marked by a growing hunger for spiritual realities, Carl Gallups reveals the truth that real science and Holy Scripture are inseparably linked to verify that behind all creation there is an intelligent designer who created all that exists.

How the Left's Green Agenda Will Dismantle America

Exorbitant energy prices, rolling blackouts, acute food shortages, critical water deficiencies, and private property rights usurped: this is America’s future as envisioned by the environmental movement’s well-honed green agenda. In order to de-develop the United States, the Left is using phony environmental crises to demonize capitalism and liberty, and purposefully withhold America’s vast natural resources-and the Obama Administration is piloting the plan.Eco-Tyranny , by best-selling author Brian Sussman, presents a rational strategy to responsibly harvest our nation’s vast resources in order to fulfill the future needs of a rapidly growing population.

How the Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future

Americans are over-regulated and over-taxed. When regulation escalates, the result is an increase in regulators. In other words, bigger government is required to enforce the greater degree of regulation. Bigger government means bigger budgets and higher taxes. “More” simply doesn’t mean “better.” In The Greatest Hoax, Senator James Inhofe will reveal the reasons behind those perpetuating the Hoax of global warming, who is benefitting from the general acceptance of the Hoax and why the premise statements are blatantly and categorically false.

One Man's Quest to End Gendercide in China

In The Pink Pagoda, Dr. James Garrow tells two stories: his personal involvement in helping rescue more than 36,000 Chinese baby girls from death, and the tragic story of a widely used and malicious cultural practice that crosses borders and spans centuries. Transitioning from reluctant participant in an off-the-books adoption program to a visible champion for the rights of these babies whose parents wished to “set them aside,” Garrow’s story parallels our own. Most Westerners are only vaguely aware of the extent to which China’s one-baby-per-household restriction has played out in that country and around the world and what they can do to stop it.

In Hitler, God, and the Bible, international evangelist and best-selling author Ray Comfort exposes Adolf Hitler’s theology and abuse of religion as a means to seize political power and ultimately instigate World War II and genocide. This fascinating study mines the depths of Hitler’s beliefs and convincingly argues that without Hitler’s misuse of Christianity the Third Reich would not have had its legendary rise, resulting in the deaths of more than six million Jews. Highlighting Hitler’s youth, his influences, and his path to seducing a nation, Hitler, God, and the Bible is a fresh, stinging reminder of the power of the cross and how its misuse led to the Final Solution.

In 1963, America’s most famous atheist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, won the landmark lawsuit filed on behalf of her son William, that effectively banned prayer in public schools. Bill shares in vivid detail his upbringing – the raging battles, his activity in his mother’s atheistic empire, his dependence on drugs and his years as a fugitive. Nearly two decades after the Court’s decision, Bill came to the end of his personal strength. In desperation he called out to God and God answered. From embezzlement to kidnapping to murder, Bill reviews the shocking evidence surrounding the disappearance of his mother, brother and daughter. Though actively involved in atheism, Bill discovered the gift Jesus Christ offers to all who seek Him. He invites you to experience God’s grace in this journey from despair to everlasting love.

The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist

The name Jack Abramoff is synonymous with Washington scandal, but the fascinating facts of his case are either largely unknown or wildly misunderstood. His memoir will serve as a corrective – an engrossing, informative work of political nonfiction that is also a gripping real-life thriller.

The Roots of Jihad

In The Everlasting Hatred: The Roots of Jihad, bestselling author Hal Lindsey explains how, on September 11, 2001, an ancient fight-to-the-death conflict exploded on the shores of the United States.

Though most Americans didn’t realize it, the United States was already heavily involved in this struggle – a struggle driven by a hatred that has spanned more than 4,000 years.

In a clear and eye-opening manner, Lindsey lays bare the complex roots of Islamic fundamentalism and its purpose to replace the Judeo-Christian world order with an Islamic world order. Addressing the issues head on, Lindsey reveals the enormity of the threat America …more

Christians, Demonization, and Deliverance

The Bible is explicit: Christians live in a battlefield, contending with three distinct opponents; the world, the flesh and the devil. e battles are real, and so are the casualties. Too many Christians lose more battles than they win and endure their walk with God rather than enjoy it. They consistently lose battles they should be winning. Those who choose to ignore, ridicule, or run from the realities of spiritual warfare, are putting themselves at a huge disadvantage in this conflict. Christians must learn to be strategic in their responses to these three enemies, learning how to fight biblically and effectively rather than just sincerely.

In Spiritual Warfare, Dr. …more

In this timely and well-documented exposé, author Brad O’Leary takes you deep inside the battle to save our nation’s Judeo Christian identity, and with it, our liberty. From attacks on Christian holidays, to government efforts to stamp-out homeschooling, to the courtroom assault on Christianity and free speech, O’Leary leaves no doubt that there is a concerted effort underway to replace allegiance to God with allegiance to government.

The Myth of Scarcity and the Politics of Oil

Jerome Corsi and Craig Smith expose the fraudulent science that has made America so vulnerable: the belief that oil is a fossil fuel and that it is a finite resource. This book argues persuasively that oil is not a product of fossils and prehistoric forests but rather the byproduct of a continuing biochemical reaction below the earth’s surface that is brought to attainable depths by the centrifugal forces of the earth’s rotation.

How to Rescue America from Moral Decline – One Family at a Time

How to Rescue America From Moral Decline…One Family At a Time

America has a problem… conservative parents are raising liberal kids!

In this controversial new book author Reb Bradley reveals that the cause of our nation’s moral decline has been caused not by failed education, poverty, or weak gun laws, but by inadequate parenting. He points out that any society that is out-of-control is comprised of citizens who lack self-control — the key ingredient of maturity. In the last 50 years, as parents have softened their approach, children have failed to develop the self-restraint necessary to …more

How Washington Turns Outsiders Into Insiders

“Breach of Trust: How Washington Turns Outsiders into Insiders,” by Dr. Tom A. Coburn, U.S. senator from Oklahoma, candidly explains the machinations of Washington in a way few books do, exploring how the system co-opts even some of the most reform-minded congressmen with promises of power, influence, and the all-important pork-barrel projects to keep voters in hock for another win at the polls.

How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth

When parents send their children off to college, mom and dad hope they’ll return more cultivated, knowledgeable, and astute — able to see issues from all points of view. But, according to author Ben Shapiro, there’s only one view allowed on most college campuses: a rabid brand of liberalism that must be swallowed hook, line, and sinker

How the ‘Christian’ Bestseller is Deceiving Millions

Since its release in 2008, The Shack, by Paul Young, has been praised as an amazing source of spiritual renewal. But is the bestseller all it seems? Are Young’s views orthodox? More to the point… are they truth?

In “Center of the Storm,” the first book published by WND Books, Harris combines news-making disclosures and practical lessons in a “how-I-did-it” and “you-can-too” guide for holding up amid controversy and coming out on top.

A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes the Global Warming Scam

Climategate is a godsend for anyone who has ever expressed skepticism about the environmentalist that claim that the Earth is in peril because of mankind’s appetite for carbon-based fuels.

What Happens When the Government Breaks Its Own Laws

Outspoken and wildly popular Fox News commentator Judge Andrew Napolitano uses his vast experience and expertise to expose the rampant misuse and dangerous abuse of power in America’s criminal justice system.

How Bush's Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism

“Crude Politics: How Bush’s Oil Cronies Hijacked the War on Terrorism” makes the unsettling case that the Bush administration, though engaged in an unavoidable and moral war on terror, also tried simultaneously to secure future energy production in the terrorists’ home turf and ended up compromising America’s national security interests.

The Unintended Consequences of the Government's Protection of the Handicapped

Feisty and frank, Perry exposes the dangerous consequences of this supposedly compassionate law and shows through personal accounts and sobering statistics that quality of public life for the disabled hasn’t been improved since the ADA was signed into law; instead, the liberties of all Americans have been diminished considerably

A Physician-Turned-Congressman Offers His Prescription for Scrapping Obamacare... And Saving America's Medical System

In “Doctor in the House,” Congressman Michael Burgess applies his three decades of experience working inside our nation’s health care system to the diagnosis of our true ailments. In doing so, he offers a clear, common sense prescription for making our system more excellent, more efficient, and less expensive–for all Americans. A third generation physician, Burgess writes with obvious passion for the healing arts and powerful convictions about the limits of government intervention in the doctor-patient relationship. “Doctor in the House” brings clarity and common sense to the perplexing national debate over the new health care bill.

Signs of a 21st Century Political Awakening

“Some say we patriots are temporary pains on the political scene—that our passions are fleeting fires. But I know fighters. And we are like those who ignited the light of liberty at America’s inception. We are those who weather the storms of oppression, and who can persevere until we triumph over tyranny.” —Chuck Norris, Foreword.

For all their disdain for fancy-pants European snobbery and sophistication, rank-and-file Americans are, well, sophisticated. Nowhere is this more evident than at the huge “Tea Party” gatherings dotting the national map, as millions of citizens express their extreme displeasure with …more

TWA Flight 800 and the Attack on America

“First Strike” explains how a determined corps of ordinary citizens worked to reveal the compromise and corruption that tainted the federal investigation. With an impressive array of facts, Jack Cashill and James Saders show the relationship between events in July 1996 and Sept. 2001 and proclaim how and why the American government attempted to cover up the truth.

Jill Vitale, aka “Flirty Flipper,” is well‐known to fans of Sean Hannity’s radio show. Her “man on the street” interviews and debates with Sean have made her a household name. Now, she’s adding “author” to her accomplishments. Jack lived on a farm with parents who loved him, but were always too busy to play. That gave Jack plenty of time for mischief…until Freddie the Chicken introduced him to the farm animals’ magical world of fun and endless imagination.

An alarming, thoroughly researched account of how today’s universities are indoctrinating students with flagrant liberal agendas and what must be done to make them institutions of truth, honor, and integrity once more.

The Ugly Truth About America’s Public Schools

In From Crayons to Condoms, parents, teachers, and students expose the dismal state of government schools, which encourage mass social experimentation. Today’s public schools are rife with failed teaching practices that encourage classroom activities that produce dangerous, even deadly results. The stories in From Crayons to Condoms are sure to horrify and energize anyone concerned about today’s kids and our nation’s future.

The Life and Times of Les Kinsolving White House Watchdog

Faced with grave international disputes, military actions around the world, and vicious partisan bickering in Congress, what might be a president’s greatest fear?

The Truth about the New Democractic Majority

The UN presents itself as a champion of tolerance. That it’s really a cesspool of ineptitude is well known. But as this disturbing book proves, that hasn’t stopped George Soros from pursuing a goal—of remaking the UN into a vehicle for world government.

A Collection of Quotations by America's Presidents and Founding Fathers on God and Religion

This book puts the argument to rest…ONCE AND FOR ALL.

God and America’s Leaders is an all-encompassing and expertly sourced collection of quotations by our Founding Fathers and past
Presidents on matters of God and religion.

In “Guns, Freedom, and Terrorism,” National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre provides a fact–filled volume and tackles a number of subjects surrounding gun rights, including: arming airline pilots, animal rights extremism, media bias, gun-show prohibition, self–defense, and others. His convincing arguments will cause even the most adamant gun-control supporter to consider the values our forefathers fought to protect — liberty, self–government and justice.

The Strong and Quiet Faith of Ronald Reagan

With the support of Ronald Reagan’s own words and writings and first-hand interviews of Ronald Reagan’s family, friends, and co-workers, Brown weaves a magnificent story of Reagan’s strong devotion to God.

Hollywood’s in my Hamper!

Liberals, your days of pumping left-wing books into our kids’ classrooms and libraries unchallenged are over. Help Mom! is back. And this time, she’s putting your know-it-all Hollywood friends in their place!

Katharine DeBrecht and Jim Hummel are back with their funniest, most outrageous adventure yet. Young readers will love following along with the lively story while singing the ridiculous (but very politically correct), new lyrics for The First Noel, while parents will enjoy the cartoon antics of prominent liberals doing what they do best—minding everyone else’s business.

This full-color illustrated book is a fun way for parents to teach young children the valuable lessons of conservatism. Written in simple text, readers can follow along with Tommy and Lou as they open a lemonade stand to earn money for a swing set. But when liberals start demanding that they pay half their money in taxes, take down their picture of Jesus, and serve broccoli with every glass of lemonade, the young brothers experience the downside to living in Liberaland.

The Clinton Conspiracy to Muzzle Internet Journalists

“Hillary’s Secret War” is the true story of how a group of renegade journalists fought to expose America’s darkest scandals through the Internet — and how the most powerful woman in the world tried to stop them.

A Field guide for Christian Screenwriters, Actors, Producers, Directors, and More

Ted Baehr is an entertainment industry professional who knows what it takes to make it in Hollywood.

Moreover, he is a committed Christian who knows the pressures and opportunities unique to people of faith in this precarious world of show business. “How to Succeed in Hollywood” will show Christians how to use their faith to change the culture of Hollywood and mass media entertainment by using their God-given and God-ordained gifts and talents to make significant creative contributions to the entertainment world.

Hillary Clinton in Her Own Words

Get to know Hillary Clinton like never before with this often shocking, always hilarious collection of the former First Lady’s own quotes! From claiming to be named after a famed mountaineer (Sir Edmund Hillary actually scaled Mt. Everest years after she was born), to bragging about being a lifelong Yankees fan…

How Clinton's National Security Policy Set the Stage For 9/11

This definitive account of Bill Clinton’s greatest failure as president details how his indecisiveness, negligence, poor judgment and denigration of the U.S. military made America an open target for the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Washington Times columnist John McCaslin brings his unique and successful column to a full-length format in this collection of Washington’s funniest, strangest, and most touching stories.

The Road to Little Rock and the Challenge of Equality

Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, became desegregation’s first battleground. In 1957, Gov. Orval E. Faubus blocked nine black students from enrolling at all‐white Central High, forcing a confrontation between state and federal authorities.

How to Save America’s Economy… and Your Own

Who are these shadowy figures known as “Killionaires” and how did they co-opt several presidencies in their shameless debasing of free enterprise and ruthless wealth grab? And how will we survive the continuing onslaught in the turbulent years ahead?

“How can I become a great American if I’m not an American in the first place?”

Third‐grader Joey Gonzalez dreamed of growing up to be a great American, but his teacher said that because he was a “minority” he wasn’t smart enough! Something called “affirmative action” could help, she said. Tony Robles shows personal pride…

In “Journalistic Fraud,” author Bob Kohn shows how the original founding vision of the Times was hijacked by those with a political agenda who used the prestigious paper to spread a dangerous form of propaganda.

What Liberals Say and What They Really Mean

A sharp, funny send-up of the deceptive way liberals speak, this book shrewdly exposes how the left uses language to spin, slander, and often sucker-punch conservatives.

The Battle to Secure America’s Borders

Minutemen describes in vivid detail how America’s southern border has disintegrated into a Wild West of human trafficking, drug smuggling, and violent gangs. Through in‐depth research and provocative interviews, Minutemen exposes how Mexico encourages the mass emigration of millions of impoverished peasants, leaving Americans to pay…

You’ve heard about the courageous young investigators who covertly videotaped officials of ACORN advocating illegal activities.

Now, get ready for an undercover exposé even more daring and audacious – a six-month penetration of the Council on American-Islamic Relations that resulted in the collection of thousands of pages of revealing documents as well as inside secrets.

This is what “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America” by P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry delivers.

It has all the elements of a top-flight mystery novel, but the situations and conversations are absolutely real. The …more

From Slave Block to Pedestal – America’s Racial Obsession

In 2008, Americans elected Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th president of the United States. Being a black man, of course this was heralded as a monumentally historic event—the first black president in a country that was segregated a scant 50 years ago.

Why 2008 is the Year to Cast the Ultimate Protest Vote

In a book now hailed as “prophetic,” WorldNetDailyfounder Joseph Farah dissects the problems with both parties and predicts an Obama presidency would be so catastrophic it would serve to catalyze a great and long-needed awakening of sleepy Americans to action in defense of their nation and freedom.

The Scientific Impossibility of Atheistic Evolution

Best-selling author Ray Comfort has a love-hate relationship with atheists: They hate him, but he loves them. Atheists, notes Comfort, are disturbed when he simply and elegantly states exactly what they believe-that nothing created everything, which is a scientific impossibility-and in so doing exposes the common misconception that atheists are committed to logical thinking. Now, as the 150th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s “Origin of the Species” approaches, Comfort debunks this prominent view with his latest book: “Nothing Created Everything: The Scientific Impossibility of Atheistic Evolution”.

“Nothing Created Everything” offers readers a fascinating and intensely thought-provoking glimpse into Comfort’s world-an ongoing dialogue …more

A Dialogue on Truth and Oprah’s Spirituality

“O” God: A Dialogue on Truth and Oprah’s Spirituality provides an in-depth look at the controversial spiritual beliefs of one of the greatest media influences of all time: Oprah.

Between The Oprah Winfrey Show, O Magazine and her national webinars on faith, millions are being exposed to Oprah’s splintered beliefs. As many exit the doors of traditional religion, the church of Oprah has become a viable alternative to a world looking for a savior—but without the strings. Christians and those of other faiths are asking the nagging question: “Where do Oprah’s teachings lead?” In …more

We all learn from our own experiences, but this book offers the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. And not just any people, but a select group who have preserved and succeeded in a variety of fields. Meet writers, actors, athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, developers, directors, musicians, evens an animal therapist.

Some have won Oscars, Emmys, Tonys, Grammys. Some even a Pulitzer or a Cy Young.

What they share in common is that they successfully pursued their dreams. Isn’t that what we all want to do?

Even if you think you already know about …more

Islam’s War Against the World

In this provocative book Gregory M. Davis examines the “religion of peace” and discovers that it’s anything but. Western leaders continue to insist that Muslim violence is due not to the nature of Islam itself but to “extremism” that distorts the religion’s true teachings. Davis demolishes the myth that Muslim violence is not attributable to the religion itself. In fact, the Koran—believed by Muslims to be the word of Allah (God) himself—instructs Muslims to kill unbelievers.

In a new book to be published on the 80th anniversary of Black Tuesday, the infamous stock market crash that shook the world on October 29, 1929, author Vox Day sounds the alarm: “The Great Depression is back.”

A Clear, Concise, and Colorful Blueprint for America's Future

At a time of unprecedented government spending, historic deficits, and gathering foreign threats, America stands at a crossroads. We can either reassert fiscal discipline and reduce the government to the size envisioned by our Founders, or we can continue on the current path of spending ourselves into oblivion.

A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph

In his new book,”Ride The Thunder,” author Richard Botkin tells the amazing true story of the remarkable collaboration between U.S. Marine Captain John Ripley and South Vietnamese Marine Major Le Ba Binh. In the process, he vigorously dispels the notion that the military situation in Vietnam was lost, even as American war correspondents and policy makers were surrendering to the winds of political and economic pressure.

“For men like Ripley and Binh, who fought long and hard only to have victory pulled from their grasps, “Ride The Thunder” celebrates their heroism, their humanity, …more

How to Protect Yourself, Your Family, and Your Home

Prepare to have your preconceived notions about shelter, security and wellbeing turned topsy-turvy. So you think you do everything you can to safeguard your loved ones, investments and home?

How the Black Leadership Exploits Black America

Chronicling the failure of the welfare system, denouncing the notion of reparations, citing problems within black churches, and even condemning current black “leaders,” Peterson argues persuasively that the crisis we face is spiritual, and that no economic solution will suffice. He skillfully weaves the realms of politics, culture, psychology, and religion into this profound and relevant book.

From Hollywood to the Holy Land, Jihadists Reveal Their Global Plans – To a Jew!

Journalist and Orthodox Jew Aaron Klein travels through some of the world’s most hazardous terrorist zones and talks directly to militants about their plans and beliefs.

You’ve heard the saying “Children should be seen and not heard.” Teen political writer Kyle Williams, 14, is challenging that adage and making a name for himself in the process. As the youngest political columnist in America with a national audience at, he has tackled subjects such as abortion, homosexual rights, separation of church and state and the public school system.

The Right and Duty of Self Defense

In Shooting Back: The Right and Duty of Self-Defense, Charl van Wyk makes a biblical, Christian case for individuals arming themselves with guns, and does so more persuasively than perhaps any other author because he found himself in a church attacked by terrorists. It instantly became a South African bestseller, as well as a bestseller for WND, which imported thousands of copies of the original book for sale online to audiences in the United States and around the world.

The End of Free Speech

As Rush Limbaugh is fond of saying, there is a core constituency in Congress that doesn’t believe the free market of ideas is adequately serving the American people.

This group believes it is the government’s prerogative to force an agenda onto the public, because the public is too unenlightened or too primitive or too provincial for its own good.

In other words, this core constituency believes that you and I aren’t smart enough to figure things out for ourselves, and that we need their help in order to form the correct points of view – their points of view.

In this groundbreaking new …more

Throughout the journey of life, we all have moments of feeling lost. Experiences where we feel tested. It’s at these times we need a ’signpost’ to point the way through the darkness and confusion to a clearer and better path.

How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption and Contagion on America

Since 1948, Dr. Alfred Kinsey has been lauded as a scientific pioneer whose enlightened sexual research freed America’s repressed libido. But the so-called freedoms and new morality he “blessed” America with have proven devastating to this country’s social and moral fabric.

The Ten Commandments, Judicial Tyranny, and the Battle for Religious Freedom

Judge Roy Moore’s critics, both within conservative circles and without, have maintained that Moore violated the law by disobeying the order of a federal judge to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments from his courthouse. But Moore brilliantly argues that those who ordered him to remove the monument are the ones breaking the law by ordering him to violate his oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States.

In So Help Me God, Moore argues that the states must acknowledge the moral principles on which America was founded and that it is not …more

The Inside Story of the New Media Revolution

“Stop the presses!” You’ve heard newspaper editors shout that phrase in old movies when a big story was breaking. Joseph Farah never played an editor in the movies but he was one in real life.

The Threatened Democracy

China has nuclear missiles capable of reaching the United States. A Chinese general has asked, “Would the U.S. sacrifice Los Angeles to protect Taipei?” Today’s Taiwan is both a vibrant democracy and an economic powerhouse. It could also be the cause of a devastating nuclear exchange between China and the United States. If Taiwan was attacked, what would the U.S. do? It’s that question that the author seeks to answer in this compelling and disturbing book.

Caught in the Crosshairs of Bill and Hillary Clinton

Kathleen Willey recounts how sexual harassment at the hands of Bill Clinton turned to harassment at the hands of the Clinton administration. In this story of intrigue, Willey gives evidence for those who stopped at nothing to silence her story.

A Radical Plan to Revive Freedom, Morality, and Justice

“Taking America Back” is thus about freedom, the freedom the founding generation of leaders fought for in establishing the United States. Farah shows how, as a nation, we have moved from being freedom fighters to comfort lovers, and he calls for all Americans to realize where our present state of affairs is taking us

Reflections on the War on Terror, Defense of the Family, and Revival of the Economy

Thank You, President Bush is a collection of essays reflecting on George W. Bush’s first four years as president. Through observations from some of the nations leading thinkers, this readable anthology explores the administrations accomplishments and future agenda. Contributors include Gov. Jeb Bush and former Sec. of State George Shultz.